1984 =^._.^= Animal Farm Today =^._.^= 2014

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Abonnez-vous au tableau Animaux … observations faciles =^._.^= de GrEasy de natacha sur Pinterest.


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Un commentaire sur “1984 =^._.^= Animal Farm Today =^._.^= 2014

  1. sachasacha

    It is important to know that annimals can live and be happy without humans.

    Animals were on this planet before « humanimals » and shaped nature in their way …


    Until god created Charlie Darwin with his Law and Disorder as he wrote in His Kampf:[1]
    « Let the fittest survive and the disabled burn forever »
    Darwin was not an Earthling like most of us …

    More information can be found in « The Fucking Manual » which we shall only open at the end of World War III.
    Please be patient … Or act Now.

    [1] The original words of god in full german were:
    « I will drill you – diet you – treat you like cattle, and use you as cannon fodder. » [genesis version batman (copyright disneyland)]

    thanks for this contribution to an anonymous dancer and sexy-pitbull-lover


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